All projects must be paid in full at time of order unless other arrangements have been made. We accept credit/debit cards, money orders, cash or certified checks.

Prices quoted do not include shipping charges. Should there be any outstanding balance past the due date, we shall charge interest of 1% per month, 12% per annum that shall accue daily.


Be safe, make sure you keep a set of backup masters, artwork and any components you have produced for your job be it electronic or tangible. TRIANGLE DUPLICATION SERVICES will maintain production masters, film and any other components used to produce orders upon completion of any replicated product for a period of 12 months and is under no obligation to return them until said order is completed and paid for in full.

TDS guarantees customers satisfaction with content and art proofs. If you cannot be satisfied, we will refund the entire deposit amount if you decide to cancel the project. However, once proofs are approved TDS will charge for all services and work performed, even if the project is subsequently cancelled.

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